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Live Streaming
Slack Live Streaming
Slack Continuous Loop Black-with-white-text vertical 'get
Slack' Powered by Alpha & Slackware,
large Powered by Alpha &
Slackware, small Tux with Pipe
in mouth Tux with
J.R. Bob Dobbs on Stomach Blue Pill S Slackware Logo Very
large Tux with pipe in mouth Think
Slack. with (?)Quicktime penguin

Logo Edits from Marek Stepien

Banners from btanaka:

and White BOB Slackware Grey
Multi-BOB Slackware Banner color BOB Slackware
Banner color
psychedelic BOB faces
Slackware Banner


The following are two clever takes on Slackware's version of Tux, that being with a traditional tobacco-type pipe in his bill (mouth), however the pipe in Tux's bill really isn't reflective of smoking either tobacco or illegal drugs. These are here however, because they are rather creative and well done Slackware graphics parodies.

Logo for Unofficial Macintosh PPC port of Slackware called Slackintosh:

Logo for Mac PPC unofficial port
called Slackintosh

Dated Slackware Graphics: (Any graphic which has a version number in it)

Pool 8-Ball, rendered Slackware 9.1 Released Banner
The Smiling, Grinning, Humanoid Pipesmoking face is J.R. Bob Dobbs and is Trademarked by the Church of The SubGenius, as opposed to the Smiling, Grinning, Pipe-smoking Penguin face, which is Slackware's version of Tux. Slackware and the Slackware logo are Trademarks of Slackware Linux, Inc. Other Logos and names are trademarks of their respective companies, or organizations. (Such as Apache/the Apache Feather, and AMD.)

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