About myself

I live in Poznan, where I work as systems administrator at Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.
My LinkedIn profile:


Which is my work place; ball room photos: psnc, home page:


Non profit server which I am maintaining, pro publico bono, since 1997, link:, which hosts among other things:


Trashlog: blog.

The Mana World Original Server

Which is the first and original server (established in 2006) of the game The Mana Mana World - 2D MMORPG game, home page: The Mana World Original Server.


Unfortunately most of them I have in a paper form but I am successively copying them out (if I have a time): poems.


  • Misc photos: photos.
  • Irssi theme: irssi-theme, screenshots are very old, theme uses user's terminal colour as a "default_color".
  • Slackware banners, mirror from slackware.
  • Miscellaneous screenshots I have made, some of the are really antique: screenshots.
  • All miscellaneous; misc a directory of chaos and temporariness better do not link to anything here (except of things mentioned above).